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Oct 20 2010


In 2003, Chip Coffey and I met on psychic line where he befriended me. He called me on the psychic line and said. "Hi, my name is Chip Coffey and I'm a gay guy living in Atlanta and I just wanted to welcome you to Keen." From then on, we became fast friends. We spoke on the phone all the time and I really liked Chip and I thought we would be friends for life. I even told him, based on his birth chart that I saw him getting his own TV show. I did very well on Keen. I loved my clients and they loved me. After almost two years, as I was about to become number one in our category, "Voices From Beyond" I got a call from Chip and he was very Chipper when he said to me, "Well, it looks like I'm about to hand over the crown to you and you deserve it, cause you worked so hard. " I said, "Thank you so much Chip, I really appreciate that!" He seemed very sincere. However, when it actually happened, Chip became enraged. He immediately lowered his rate to $1.00 a minute which he had never done before so I called him and said, 'Is everything OK Chip?' and he screamed in the phone, 'No, everything is not OK! I am NOT going to let you take over the number one spot. I've been number one all these years and I am going to stay number one! I am NOT going to roll over and play dead. Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn't roll over and play dead!' That is just the beginning of a nightmare that has lasted five years. It just started up for a second time when a young female on Facebook created a FB page calling Chip Coffey a Fake and a Bully and I was immediately accused of being behind it from Chip's number one "Bully" and her name is Tammy Alenduff, a truly depraved woman who trolls the web and goes after anyone who dares to go opposed to Chip and the other is Tanila Price . . . another sociopath with no heart whatsoever. They both see Chip as some great Television Star and idolize him to the point of worship. Back in 2005, Chip Coffey began to recruit his friends to come after me and the bullying began. A good buddy of his 'Dawn Sandum' would change her name to Beatrick Merlot. Other friends of Chip in his 'Psychic Group" would call me and purposely leave negative feedback. I was kicked off of Keen within two weeks. Then came the Coup de Grace . . . Chip Coffey actually called me and said, "Guess what I just did?" "What?" I asked. I was shocked to hear him say with relish. like he won the lottery or something, "I just bought your name and and I want $3000 for them." And sure enough, when I put my name in the browser it took you to HIS WEBSITE . . . I told him, "You can't do that!" and he said, "Yes, I can . . . you're not the only Beatrice Marot on the planet!" I said, "I'm the only one whose a psychic that knows your stupid ass!" When I threatened legal action, instead of just giving them to me, he turned the domain names over to a guy in Las Vegas named Mark Ott from "The Ott Group" who refused to just give them to me and I could not create a website with my own name for a year. The whole thing ruined me financially, emotionally and spiritually. To this day . . . it still hurts so bad that someone I cared for and trusted turned on me for no reason and chose to ruin my life. And that was just the beginning of an endless nightmare. Because of the constant bullying, I had to put a Google alert on my own name and I put one on Chip's name as well . . . and normally I never get his twitter updates but this morning on 10-20-2010, I almost fell over when I saw the subsequent tweet from Chip. I thought to myself, "The audacity of this guy to even write something like this KNOWING what he did to me!" chipcoffey I'm giving the one finger salute to bashers who use my name as a meta tag to draw people to their stupid web pages! chipcoffey To all who asked: yes, I will be wearing purple today in support of NO BULLYING & NO H8! I sent Chip an email with copies of his tweets and the subsequent message: "Then look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself the one finger salute with a marching band playing a song about Benedict Arnold you hypocrite!!" Original Source: ComplaintsBoardCom

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