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Oct 28 2010

Tammy Alenduff and Chip Coffey of Psychic Kids – Internet Bullies, Cyberstalkers and Liars!

Chip Coffey spends all his free time when not chasing demons and ghosts and exploiting kids with severe emotional issues . . . not psychic abilities on A&E . . . trolling the web looking for people who denounce him. Chip is the bully, a sociopath in the most classic definition, an identity thief and a liar. He cannot fight his own battles, he rallies his fans to go after anyone who "bashes" him as he puts it and he has the unwavering loyalty of Tammy Alenduff and Tanila Price to carry out his agenda of keeping people in the dusk about his own very very dusk side which I know sadly . . . all too well. The subsequent is from my original complaint which I have since deleted in the hopes that Chip Coffey would tell his Demon's little helper Tanila Price to remove the lies she posted about me. I cut and paste without any editing the subsequent exactly as it occurred when Tammy Alenduff show up this time using the name "speaks the truth" to spread more lies. I WROTE ON THE ORIGINAL COMPLAINT Once again, Chip Coffey strikes out and this time he gets his friends and fans to go after a young mother of two who put up an unfavorable page about Chip on Facebook and I am being accused of being behind it. On my original complaint about Chip Coffey and his friends Tammy Willingham now using her married name Alenduff and Tanila Price stalking and bullying me relentlessly all over the net since mid 2008, a young female named Ashley posted the subsequent after she created a Facebook page calling Chip Coffey a Bully and Fake. She was immediately threatened with legal action by a woman whom I have never met but know all too well. This time she took the user name “Speaks the truth” and is in fact, a liar named Tammy Alenduff and as usual she is denying her true identity but this time I can prove it. by ASHLEYWISE241986 0 Votes!/pages/Chip-Coffey-Bully-and-Fake/161395383877576 I JUST ASKED HIM ONE QUESTION IF HIS PAGE WAS AN IMPOSTER HE FLIPPED AND BANNED ME ON HIS FACEBOOK NOW IM RECIEVEING THREATS CAUSE HE POSTED BAD THINGS BOUT ME ON FACEBOOK. PLEASE VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE IVE CREATED 2 days ago by Speaks the truth #1 You created is in violation of the TOS of FB. Maybe you should have read those first before creating the page. #2 The photo that you are using on that page is copyrighted. You have to obtain permission before using it, so you are now in violation of copyright infringement. #3 I have known Chip for several years and know for a fact that he would not ban you for simply asking a question. He additionally never said anything bad about you. He simply stated a fact and said you were nasty to him because he refused to give you a free consultation. He never named you, so I find it hard to believe that are receiving threats and I belong to both his personal page and fan page. It won't be hard to prove that. Next time before you go spreading lies, I suggest you do a little bit superior job. He is now in a position to take legal action opposed to you. I wouldn't be surprised if the author of this original complaint, Beatrice Marot, put you up to this. 2 days ago by Beatrice Speaks the Truth . . . you are a liar. I have nothing to do with this. I agree Chip Coffey is a bully and a liar and I would not be surprised if this poster is Chip himself or his fanatics Tanila Price and Tammy Willingham. I saw the page in question on Facebook since the young female who created it posted on my original thread. I am the one who speaks the truth and I liked her page . . . wrote the subsequent and deleted myself. I have no desire to deal with the jealousy and hate filled, vengeful Chip Coffey, Tammy and Tanila. From Facebook: Chip Coffey Bully and Fake: I saw that you wrote a comment on a complaint I created about Chip Coffey. Please do not waste your time and energy on this man. It's just not worth it. He is relentless in his capacity to seek revenge. I know from experience. Be well and take this page down . . . it really is not worth it. 2 days ago by Speaks the truth I have no clue what you are talking about - you know what they say about making assumptions. I know about you from all the reading I have done over the last several years and you constantly prove your 'abilities', which is zip - zilch - zero. And here she is . . . my stalker Tammy Willingham now going by her married name Tammy Wall Alenduff As soon as she saw Ashley's page . . . she is already accusing "someone" and that someone is me. Do you want the photo Tammy? You just cannot stop can you? How you and Chip Coffey can look at yourselves in the mirror and talk about bullying when you are the biggest bullies out there. Tammy Wall Alenduff Done my Sweet Wonderful Friend. She is lying saying all she did was request you if this page was real or fake. I know you well enough to know this woman is outright lying. I'm thinking 'someone' has Original Source: ComplaintsBoardCom

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